Angelic Pretty’s Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK in Mocha


Crystal Dream Carnival By: kaito

Please where did you get those strawberry tights? they're amazing *-*

I purchased them from Mu-fish on Taobao. Those exact tights can be found here, but they have tons of other amazing socks and tights in their store! Everything I’ve ordered from there has been really high quality too and worth ever penny.


Halloween Rule Breaker

Get the look!


A part of my chocolate collection… y-you could say I’m obsessed (●˙ᴗ˙●)


rosa-schokolad in Royal Creamy Chocolate

The Chocolate Maiden: Lolita 52 - Why I wear lolita ➺

New blog post is up tonight. I’m a little behind due to my recent travels.